First Solutions Group Quality offers inspection services for a variety of manufacturers throughout North America. We provide services ranging from visual checks to dimensional studies to post-assembly yard sorts and bulk containment. Our inspection services can be used on incoming supplied components, your final outgoing product, or at certain locations within your manufacturing process. Along with inspection and containment, First Solution Group Quality has been reworking parts for the past two decades. We have handled both short and long-term projects, providing timely, accurate data to drive the direction for permanent corrective action.

We provide accurate daily reports for all sorting and inspection jobs that we do. We will work with you to design reports in formats that work best for you. Do I need a sort company? There are several reasons why a manufacturer may want to hire an independent sorting and inspection company. The most common scenario is where a customer requires their suppliers to bring in a third-party sort company to inspect and contain any quality control issues that may arise in the manufacturing process. This can ensure that production is not affected by such problems. Another common case is when a manufacturer is “rolling out” a new product to a customer. The manufacturer may want to have a sort team in the facility where the new product is being delivered to in order to catch any quality issues before the project ever gets started.

CS1/CS2 containment & rework services for any non-hazardous metal, plastic, rubber or paper products. We can help to sort and isolate defects & non-conformities to help you recover lost time, money and inventory. With our contacts across North America, make one phone call to First Solution Group Quality and we handle the rest! • We can establish containment at all needed points, regardless of locations • Sort/rework instructions approved by customer prior to commencing operations • We identify certified stock using your tags or ours. We quarantine non-conforming product and return or dispose of it per your instructions.

Whether you need to transport something across town, between cities or across the country, no one puts more reliable Same Day/On-Demand delivery solutions at your command — couriers with cars, minivans, SUVs, cargo vans and trucks.The addition of straight trucks and tractor-trailers to our fleet allows shippers to answer the needs of their customers the same day, with overnight or JIT plans prices. We’ll listen carefully to understand your exact requirements, then provide the fastest, most economical door-to-door route to make your deadline — and make you look good. Plus, you can monitor the progress of your deliveries every step of the way using our online Shipping app.